Invincible RV Roof is unlike any other RV Roof in the industry.

This is a specially formulated sprayed application. The roof is a combination of formula, processes and experience. Unlike most common aftermarket RV roofs that can be done in your driveway or campground, Invincible RV Roof is a truly seamless new roof for your RV that has a proven record of success. Since Invincible RV Roof is a roof replacement, not a coating, it is the only maintenance free Lifetime warranty roof in the industry, it is also covered by insurance when you need a roof replaced.

Invincible RV Roof is a chemical that is dry to the touch in 6 seconds.

This fast gel time allows us to apply a high build roof. The typical roof is 3/16 inch (187 mils) thick. This quick set time allows us to start and stop your roof anywhere we need to. We can make sure it is the same thickness no matter if the surface is vertical or horizontal. One example is if you have cracks in a front end cap, we can extend the roof to cover those areas. The roof is also extremely flexible with over 600% elongation. The roof keeps this trait even in extreme cold. Since the new roof is so flexible it moves with your RV and also is not effected by expansion and contraction related to weather changes.

Invincible RV Roof is a Pure Polyurea Designed for RV’s

Unlike other industrial spray polyureas which are typically hybrids, RV FlexRoof has an extremely slow deterioration rate. With its topcoat, the roof is never aging from the UV. Many hybrid polyureas begin to show signs of UV deterioration in 5 years or less. Invincible RV Roof is also a part of a unique process. It is able to bond to plastic, fiberglass, rubber, bare wood, any surface you would find on an RV. Hybrids designed for things such as metal roofs or truck beds do not have this ability.

Since we have created a unique process that creates a waterproof roofing system, we offer a No Leak Lifetime guarantee. Most roofs only guarantee the material. Always ask for a written warranty to make sure the warranty covers leaks. Any company should gladly provide you with a copy of their warranty.

In the RV Industry, Roof Leaks are a HUGE Problem

There are many different substances used to make RV roofs. The most common is EPDM or rubber. Other types are TPO, fiberglass, filon, aluminum and pvc. All the different types of RV roofs have pros and cons but the one thing they all have in common is all roof protrusions have caulking around them. Most leaks occur around a caulking joint.

Invincible RV Roof Removes all the Caulking Joints.

No joints, no leaks. The other common weakness of RV roofs that Invincible RV Roof takes care of is punctures. The roof has over 3500 psi tear strength. This means the roof is so tough that common hazards such as tree branches and hail do not damage the roof. It is also 100% repairable. If you added a roof component, just that area can be sprayed and reapplied. You never need a whole new roof again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have had our roof applied, you no longer have any maintenance. This coating does not require any special conditioners or cleaners. There are no more caulking joints so you no longer have to inspect and re-caulk the roof yearly. Our Roof is designed to last a Lifetime.

You can clean your new sprayed roof with just about any cleaner you want. The coating itself is chemical resistant enough to handle all common cleaners. The white top coat is also chemical resistant, You can even use bleach but most dirt will come off with any mild detergent.

You no longer have to caulk because this specially formulated pure polyurea, Invincible RV Roof sprayed roof system actually bonds to the components on your roof. Since it is chemically bonded, there is no longer any need to caulk. There is no seam for water to get through anywhere on your roof.

This chemical is not a bedliner, industrial building roof coating, or other hybrid polyurea. The machine to spray is similar but the end results are different. The special pure polyurea used in our spray system stays so flexible that you can tie a sample in a knot and maintains this flexibility when cold. It has over 600% elongation. The tear strength is over 3500 psi. This means it is next to impossible to tear it or puncture it. Since we have developed a unique process for RVs, we are able to chemically bond to all substrates such as rubber, aluminum, wood, plastics, fiberglass and more. Invincible RV Roof has never been used on any other application but RVs and was designed with RVs in mind. This chemical is exclusive to our company and has a proven track record of delivering as promised. A truck bedliner, eco coat are examples of hybrid polyureas. They are a very inexpensive chemical with much lower flexibility and tear strength. Bedliners were designed to bond to sanded paint and cannot even be sprayed on bare metals, they peal right off.

There are many choices out there when you need a new roof or are looking to extend the life of your roof. A simple internet search can keep an RV owner busy for days researching. The first difference is Invincible RV Roof is not the same material as products that can be brought to the jobsite. Those are usually a polymer that is stored in 5 gallon containers and can be applied with rollers and brushes. Polyurea is sprayed using specialized plural component machines and comes in 2 55 gallon drums. To us a seamless roof is a roof that covers side to side, end to end. If the roof does not go under your air conditioner or satellite dish, how is this seamless? We have seen roofs that claim to be seamless but they simply brush up to, or roll up to, roof components like your air conditioners.

Our system does not take hours to cure like many of those products so we are not dependent on weather conditions. We also feel it is important to be able to properly prepare your roof and not have to hurry because weather is changing. We do all work inside so that there is never a worry of exposing wood or the inside of your RV to the weather. Many products that can be applied at your location are slow cure and sensitive to outside conditions so it increases the chance for problems. Some liquid roofs that are applied in the field actually state in their directions that it will not stop leaks, that all leaks have to be fixed first. We are able to stop leaks by applying our Invincible roof. There are many differences amongst roofs, and even the different liquid applied roofs that can be done on site have great variations in their ability, life and what they stop and don’t stop.

When we do your roof, we replace almost all the plastic components of your roof. The only exception at this point is skylights, which we will replace at the cost of the skylight. All your vent lids are replaced by removing them from the base. If you do somehow damage a base or frame, a cutting wheel or grinder can be used to get to the screws and free the base from the coating. You would then reinstall the part and caulk around the joints. As soon as possible, bring back your RV and we can re-prep and respray just that area.

2005 Airstream Skydeck

Mr. Swartz Brought us his 2005 Airstream Skydeck, he had a few body damage issues that we repaired, also he wanted our Invincible Roof Spray on Roof System, while doing that we recovered the seats on top of the sky deck.

Roof Before

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These are the before photos of another great Invincible RV Roof install.
Invincible Roof does not rely on the Rotten Rubber or Deteriorated Fiberglass as any part of it integrity.

Roof After

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These are the after photos of another great Invincible RV Roof install.
Invincible Roof does not rely on the Rotten Rubber or Deteriorated Fiberglass as any part of it integrity.

Coach Roof Before

Here are the before shots of another Invincible RV Roof