Why Choose Lithium Batteries for your RV?

Lithionics Batteres are 4 to 7 times lighter than any other battery
Charges 3 to 4 times faster than any other battery
1 Lithium ion battery can replace to 4 lead-acid batteries
NeverDie® Battery Management Technology (BMS) that leaves 20% reserve energy
Increased life expectancy of the host device as well as battery life that at least double
RoHS compliant solutions that improve the quality of life

What this means for you:

-No More Dead Batteries
-No More Trickle Chargers
-Ability to Store Your RV, Travel Trailer, Luxury Coach
-Always “Ready to Use”
-Increased ‘Dry Camping Time’
-Reduced Generator Use (Save $!)

What is a NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS)

The NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS) is always active, monitoring battery vitals. Within the Battery Management System (BMS), it provides protection against over charging and over discharging, accidental short circuit, cell balancing, temperature extremes, the option for remote telemetry, and and the option for state-of-charge (SOC) monitoring. The NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS) feature is available on most models.

± The battery enters sleep mode if it senses battery drain. Sleep mode keeps energy stored for emergency starting.

± At any time you can enable/disable the battery via the NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS) feature.

± A battery that’s always ready to go when you are!

To monitor the NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS), a State-of-Charge or SOC monitoring kit can be purchased. The kit includes: SOC sender box and SOC display. The box is installed in line with a conventional CAT5 ethernet cable to the positive cable. It monitors the voltage and amperage, then sends the information to the display. The SOC display then reveals vital information about your battery includes: live voltage and amperage, state-of-charge, Amp hours left, a graphical fuel gauge, and much more.

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