Cover each step with a touch of class! Tired of painting and repainting the rusty black steps on your coach? The original sandpaper non-slip material is hard on bare feet and even harder on your knuckles when cleaning the steps. Our stainless steel step covers are easy to install, easy to clean, and last virtually forever. We guarantee it.

A rubber pad is included with each each step cover to both accent the stainless and provide a non-skid surface. Please note that the finish of the stainless steel will eventually change from mirror polish to satin from the abrasion of the shoes stepping on the stainless. This is to be expected. Some coach owners have found that re-polishing the horizontal surface brings back the original luster, but we suggest that no action is better and easier.

Check Out Custom Kick Plates!

Kickplates are featured on the outside of a coach, between where the exterior steps end and the interior steps begin. A standard kickplate is around 5 in. by 28 in. which would cost $59.00, but every kick plate is custom made.