Tips For New RVers

If you’ve taken the leap and decided to give the RV lifestyle a try, chances are, you’re still a little bit nervous and unsure about your decision. Buying an RV and spending more time on the road and less time at home can be a huge commitment, and it doesn’t come without its downsides. In this blog, we’re going to talk about several tips for people who are new to RVing in order to help you get accustomed to your new way of life and make your RVing experience something that is more fit to meet your wants and needs.

Practice driving

Sure, you’ve been driving since you were 16, but have you ever driven an RV? RVs are much taller and wider than your standard car, and as a result, you’re going to need to take that into consideration before you go on your first trip. You know those clearance height signs that you’ve seen all over the place but pay no attention? You’re going to need to start looking out for those, and in order to know where you can and can’t fit, you should know the exact height and width of your vehicle. You should never go through a tunnel or over a bridge without knowing if it can support your RV.


So, what else can you do to prepare for the driving you’ll have to do? One thing is just to challenge yourself. Go out and take wide turns or try driving on dirt roads. Since many RV resorts have strict lot sizes, you’ll need to learn how to maneuver your RV like it’s your car—make sure to practice in reverse as well!

Bring everything you need

One of the most challenging things for new RVers is knowing everything you’ll need for a trip and making sure it’s all packed and ready to go. The best way to fix this issue is by creating a checklist. Start by making categories like kitchen supplies, clothing, medical, entertainment, RV maintenance supplies, etc. Once you have the categories laid out, start thinking of individual items that you need to bring. For example, under the “RV Maintenance Supplies” category, you may have things like jumper cables, digital tire gauges, lug wrenches, or a backup gas supply. This brings us to another point…

Know your RV

It may seem silly, but you’d be surprised how many people will go out on the road without actually understanding how their RV works. And just because you can drive it doesn’t mean you’re ready to go on a road trip. But don’t worry, it’s not like you’re going to have to spend months on end studying the user’s manual of your RV; it just takes a day or two of learning what your RV is capable of and what features are built in for your comfort and safety.


Unlike your car that just needs electricity to start your vehicle and have the lights on, your RV’s electrical system is designed to support all the appliances you need to live comfortably inside the RV. However, that doesn’t mean you can just walk in and turn on the oven, stove, microwave, lights, and heater on all at once—it takes a little more finesse than that.


First of all, you should know a simple equation: watts = amps x volts, or W = A x V. This formula will help you determine how many appliances your RV can have on at once without tripping your RV electrical system circuit.


RVs have a lot of storage space, but if you don’t know where it is, then you might as well not even have it! You should take some time to understand the storage space in your RV and determine the best way to store your belongings in order to get the most out of the space you have.

Load limits

When you’re busy loading things onto your RV for a long trip, it’s easy to overlook the weight limit for your RV. You should always check your user manual to see what this limit is and never go over it. Water is one item that adds a lot of weight and can be left out. It may seem counterintuitive to eliminate water when you’re trying to have a safe trip, but just about every RV resort out there has water available. However, it never hurts to have a small backup water supply in your RV.


It’s a really exciting feeling buying your first RV, and it can feel a little bit overwhelming at first. However, if you’re prepared, you’ll adjust to the new lifestyle in no time! Follow our blog to learn more about RVing and visit Master Tech RV today to learn about America’s top-rated RV service company for collision repair, interior remodeling, battery installations, and much more. Contact us today!

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